Water: Your Best Friend

Growing up in India running tap water was one commodity you could not count on as a daily blessing. There has always been a water shortage for many reasons I don’t want to get into. We had a fresh water well in our back yard and I have distinct memories of getting water out of the well for the garden to wash dishes with. It was not used for drinking. Unfortunately, I have witnessed scenes like below.


Now in the western world water is a given, at all times and places. You can even be certain that there will be drinking quality water available everywhere you. So when I meet people that don’t drink water routinely I am surprised.

Make water your best friend. Carry it with you at all times wherever you go. Invest in a good quality, BPA-free, spill proof water bottle that tells you it’s contents in ounces or liters. We need to drink at least 8 cups of water daily. That is 64 oz or approximately 2 liters (1/2 gallon). My water bottle holds 32 oz. So if I can finish at least one of those and drink water with my meals I can easily achieve 8 cups per day. You can also fill a pitcher of water every morning and make sure to finish it by the end of the day so you don’t have to keep track of number of cups or ounces. Be sure to finish the water at least 2 hours before you go to bed to get a restful sleep.

You don’t like the taste or flavor of plain water? Add a slice of lemon or lime to your glass/bottle. Try a combination of lemon, lime and orange slices in a pitcher of water. Another combination I love is sliced cucumbers and mint. During summer, fresh mint is abundant and few leaves of it in the pitcher not only look good but flavor the water wonderfully. 

Here’s a great info-graphic of why we need water. Try it! It is a matter of getting used to. 



We are blessed to have plenty of clean water available. Drink it!



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