Storm Ready

Storm Ready

How do you get ready to survive a power outage in a snow storm when you don’t eat Spam? Southeast US is getting hard hit with snow and ice and we are likely to lose power for a few days. There have been numerous alerts and warnings about getting ready. There were reports of stores without any inventory for rock salt, snow/ice scrapers and snow shovels, generators, batteries etc.

What about grocery stores? They have seen a lot of traffic with people filling up carts with water, milk, bread and eggs. I took a survey of my pantry and the refrigerator and decided to stock up on a couple of things just in case. Here’s what I bought: avocado, bananas, pineapple, peanut butter and beans. I already had milk, bread and eggs. Plus I don’t want to stock up on perishables too much in case the power is out for days.

I can make peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Put the avocado and beans on my salad and enjoy the fresh pineapple. Other things to keep on hand would be canned (in water) tuna or salmon, whole grain bread, canned soup, pita or lentil chips, prepared tomato sauce, apples, pears and melons.

If you have a gas stove, keep easy to cook items on hand such as brown rice and pasta. You can make one dish meals by combining rice or pasta with greens, beans and tomatoes. One dish meal also save on water (later) needed to clean the dishes. Keep pitchers of water full for drinking and cooking. I prefer this over buying bottles of water. This way you can survive or actually thrive on a balanced diet during a storm or power outage.


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