Stick to it!

As most of the nation (US) is facing severe winter weather, those committed to daily physical activity are challenged to keep up with it. Yes, it is cold and gray. Stick to  your routine. Find ways to make it happen. Exercise helps you feel better many ways.

When you exercise your body secretes hormones that are mood elevating. The increased heart rate keeps you warm. It is a wonderful way to spend time with your loved ones. When you are stuck at  home, spending an hour doing a physical activity will also help you pass the time and enjoy it.

Choose an activity you like. That way you have less convincing to do for yourself. Pull out those DVDs you have stashed away or choose an “On Demand” fitness program on your TV. You can preview some to see if it is something would can do and enjoy. Don’t forget to add some stretching. We love site to explore different options based on the amount of time we have and what kinds of stretching we need.

No matter how or what find a way to make physical activity a part of your “stuck at home” day. You will happy you did. Plus, it will keep you away from the kitchen (pantry) too.


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